Our Story

Aiken Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation was founded in 2009 by Dr. Sybil Davis at its current location with the intent "to offer more services (to pets), especially to senior pets and those owners who wish to take an active role in exercising their own pets.”

Dr. Davis sold her practice to Dr. Eva Bogner, in preparation for her full retirement, in April of 2019.

Meet  Our Team

 Eva Bogner 

Dr. Bogner concurrently works at Aiken Veterinary Clinic, in general practice. She received her undergrad and veterinary education at NC State. She chose the University of Tennessee, to continue her expertise in Veterinary Rehabilitation.

She treats overweight dogs and cats, pets recovering from surgery and sports injuries, and those undergoing treatment for arthritis, chronic pain, and neurological disorders. She has a specialty in Veterinary acupuncture and veterinary Chinese medicine from the prestigious Chi Institute. Dr. Eva also has a passion for reptiles.

In her free time, Dr. Eva and her husband Geoffrey, love finding new places to enjoy craft beer and music festivals. They both live few short miles away from the clinic. Together they share 3 cats, a tortoise, and a two vizslas.

Annette, LVT, CCRP

Annette is our most tenured licensed veterinary technician. She also holds a certification as a canine rehabilitation practitioner. The yearlong process included six in-depth courses at the University of Tennessee, and treating dogs with neurological and orthopedic problems. A part of her CCRP training, she completed her Internship requirements at Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Annette, who assists Dr.Eva Bogner, graduated from North Augusta High School and received a degree in veterinary technology from Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, S.C. She worked as a licensed veterinary technician, for Aiken Veterinary Clinic, from 1981 until 2010.


In January 2011, she joined Dr. Davis, who founded Aiken Pet Fitness. She and her husband Don own Turnobout Farms, in Aiken. Annette was born with a passion for animals, particularly horses, and has shown Arabians for many years.


Jess, who joins us from Idaho, is Dr. Bogner’s veterinarian Assistant. Her gifts and passions extend into reptile rehabilitation and exotics education. Her bachelor's degree is in Ecology from Augusta University.

She and her husband Brian enjoy horror movies, spending quality time with their 4 cats, 2 dogs, a parrot, 5 snakes, a tortoise, 5 geckos, and a bearded dragon. Game night is also a cherished activity. Jess has worked a variety of jobs giving her a well-rounded skill set. She loves photography, focusing on animal portraits.

Jess is a natural at teaching. She also is a volunteer instructor, of environmental education classes, at Reed Creek Nature Park and Interpretive Center.


Diego is the clinic’s official greeter and office assistant. He prides himself on his ability to make friends with anyone, human or animal, who walks in the door. His passions include knocking pens off of the counter, stealing dog treats, giving kisses, and supervising the printer. Diego also enjoys the fact that he gets to work with his mom Jess (he is a bit of a momma’s boy), and then at the end of a long day, he gets to go home and play with his many cat and dog siblings.