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Our Story

Aiken Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation was founded in 2009 by Dr. Sybil Davis at its current location with the intent "to offer more services (to pets), especially to senior pets and those owners who wish to take an active role in exercising their own pets.”

Dr. Davis sold her practice to Dr. Eva Bogner, in preparation for her full retirement, in April of 2019.

Meet  Our Team

 Eva Bogner, DVM, CCRP

Dr. Bogner concurrently works at Aiken Veterinary Clinic, in general practice. She received her undergrad and veterinary education at NC State. She chose the University of Tennessee , to continue her expertise in Veterinary Rehabilitation.

She treats overweight dogs and cats, pets recovering from surgery and sports injuries, and those undergoing treatment for arthritis, chronic pain and neurological disorders. She has a specialty in Veterinary acupuncture and veterinary Chinese medicine from the prestigious Chi Institute. Dr. Eva also has a passion for reptiles.

In her free time, Dr. Eva and her husband Geoffrey, love finding new places to enjoy craft beer and music festivals. They just moved into their new home, only a few short miles away from the clinic. Together they share 3 cats, a tortoise, and a new vizsla puppy.