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What are the most beneficial treatment methods?

Sometimes specific equipment is used but our team is also skilled with their hands. Massage, for instance, increases blood flow and helps resolve muscle tension. Performing passive range of motion helps pets regain normal joint function. Therapeutic exercises allow animals to build muscles, gain core strength, increase flexibility, and enhance the perception of body position. Hydrotherapy is beneficial for gait retraining, reduces inflammation and allows comfortable movement with less weight bearing on sore joints.

I take my dog to the dog park and doggie day care.   How is Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation different?

While those places provide exercise for well-adjusted dogs with no medical issues, we provide fitness and rehabilitation to patients after a veterinary evaluation and follow a veterinary-developed exercise and treatment protocol. Each pet is given one-on-one time for specific therapy.

Does my pet need a referral before visiting Aiken Pet Fitness?

Absolutely not.  Every patient’s history is thoroughly reviewed, including current problems and medications. Although, having access to your pet’s records beforehand saves time and helps us provide the best care.

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